From the design-creative to the planning-strategy. It’s all about experience. 🙂

I am Eduardo Giansante, better known as Edu Giansante.  Born in São Paulo, I started as creative (or “nephew”) with 16-17 years old at o3 Digital. After learning a lot of other things, I joined Intel. 2 years of Intel and I moved to McCann Eriksson, as digital planner. Then, after 1 year, I came to Ireland, to work as digital planner/account for Strategem.

I come to work cycling but I am not in a good shape. Although everything, I have only 24 years and I am still learning to cook (aphrodisiac receipts are welcome). By the way, I have 3 blogs: and

I didn’t planted a tree yet (I tried to plant a weed during my 16’s). I didn’t write a book yet (in the maximum music lyrics) and nor had children (but I already made some customers have children).

I will try to share as many interesting stuff as I can, with some points of view, thoughts, as well as Off-Topic and other useless founds on the web that are amused.

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