Weather can change our mood!

It’s fact. Scientists did lots of research to prove that weather can change our mood. Basically, what they say is that cloudy cover and cold days are not good to do exercises and drive, because you have less reflexes and feel aches and pains.

Furthermore, unstable conditions cause loss of concentration, so, they won’t recommend complicated work.

On the other hand, sunny days are good… no, they are perfect! Sunny days can make you happy and energetic. I’m not talking about hot dry winds, because that can increase your proneness to violence!

We had amazing sunny days in Dublin that unfortunately is almost gone. You can buy the Sun and put on your desk if you want.

By the way, the office is covered with smiling faces. Smiles can leverage your good mood. Smile to the person who’s beside you now!

Probably people here create their own sunny environment. A sunny smile.

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