Should we have more free space?

Seems that the industry continues to develop from both sides: web-based plataforms and storage.

When I saw an article on C-Net about the new-generation TeraByte Hard-drive I confess that I asked myself: “Why so much?” (I asked the same question 5 years ago when my friend bought a 250GB HD).

No, I’m not getting old, I’m asking again because 5 years ago we didn’t have Gmail, Flickr and neither YouTube.

Since 2006, I think I’ve downloaded about 10 or 15 albums. Not too much, and do  you know why? I just listen to the music on my mp3 player on my way to work, and here I listen everything online. Yes, 100% online.

Same for my pictures and videos. I just get the best of them and upload on YouTube and Flickr. If I want to watch something cool I can easily find there, or on Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion.. whatever! After watching I get the link and send to all my friends. I don’t need to attach a 5MB file in my email. I also love to embed videos on my Blog. It’s dead easy and I don’t need to store that giga video.

We are digital immigrants and sometimes we may keep their files saved on our computers, some may keep some dvds and blu-ray disks on their shelves. That’s because our clients still don’t trust the internet, and because we are still not connected all the time (most of them, but not all).

Maybe I’m just a passionate geek that loves the internet, but it’s even more common to keep your files stored online. Even my mum’ sends me YouTube links! Everybody is sharing, publishing and commenting.

Yes, afterall we may need some space.


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