Microsoft adCenter – Innovations in Digital Advertising

“Microsoft adCenter Labs is an applied research group dedicated to researching and incubating new digital advertising technologies. Formed in 2006, Microsoft adCenter Labs combines the talents of more than 120 top researchers and engineers, all dedicated to developing cutting-edge ways for consumers and advertisers to connect. Our researchers work across a broad range of technology areas, including keyword and content technologies, audience intelligence, ad selection and relevance, social networking, and video and interactive media. The algorithms developed by our team operate in the engines of Microsoft adCenter products such as Paid Search, Content Ads, and Behavioral Targeting. We are also committed to investing in developing online advertising products that will shape the future of advertising through more relevant and meaningful ads across online video, television and mobile devices.


They also run a blog, called adCenter Community. Recently they posted about learning on Web Analytics

The post is very interesting because he mentions about metrics. Are CPCs, clicks, impressions and conversions the most important thing to look after? No!

Managing PPC campaigns requires lots of experience, since you are not dealing only with numbers, but people. So, as mentioned on the post, a quick summary of successful metrics would be:


We don’t want only page views. We want loyalty, we want interaction. That’s engaging. People exchanging feelings with your Brand.


Are they looking are really going into it?

Bounce Rate

If the question is how to reduce bounce rate, the answer is targeting.


People are different, people are unique. And the same should be your Ads!

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