Nine inch nails and the web 2.0

The new record, The Slip, is available for free under the license of Creative Commons (” attribution noncommercial share-alike”). Does not seem much newness, since that the Radiohead made something similar before and gave certain, generating WOM and spontaneous media the point of much people of the market to have nightmares.

The difference, is that Nine Inch Nails has a set of ideas tied to their albums launch. Since YearZero, using an ARG, based on the album concept, then Ghosts I-IV using a strong strategy and with some great results.

Reznor (NIN vocalist) knows his fans and he is present in the same places as then. The first batch of Ghosts I-IV album was available for download using Torrent.

After that, NIN invited their fans to create videos for the album tracks. this competition was called Nine Inch Nails’ Ghosts Film Festivalthis video was create by Reznor, and he explains how it works by himself.

The new album, The Slip, has a differential: Reznor disposable not only the album for download. He also added different formats, from mp3 to WAV (with high quality, file size is almost 1GB)

More than that, he also authorized his fans to download the ready songs and remix it, and then share their mixes for free.

seems that it’s working… a quick look into their webpage reach:


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