Working at Strategem

Hi There!

here we go with my first post in English šŸ™‚

for those who don’t know, my name is Eduardo Giansante, from Brazil, and I’m currently living in Ireland and working at Strategem Integrated Communications.

Strategem is a small-sized agency, in Portview (Dublin), and I’ve been working there for 3 weeks. Well, as almost everyone, I started with small tasks, like get reports, analyse some content or website, and all this stuffs. Then, I did some research and got some ideas for Danone and Nokia Music Store.

Last week I really start thinking, or better: planning. šŸ™‚

My first big job was Gateaux and Sharwoods, both from Premier Foods. Gateaux is the most famous cake’s brand and Sharwoods is a very well-known indian sauce. (It’s a pitch, so, I won’t be able to provide much information in this post).

The brief was: client complained that both brands were losing audience and weren’t doing well in terms of web presence (they were right, Gateaux don’t even have a website!).

The challange (for me): I don’t know the brands very well, I don’t know the Irish Market and neither the competitors.

What did I do? Easy, I start researching, researching and researching. I spent 2 full days researching, to finally understand the market, the brands and the competitors.

Now it’s getting easy..

Afterthat, I did the online benchmark, and web consultancy: SEO audit, website analysis (interface, design, constructivity, interactivity, functionality, usability and content), web presence (WOM, blog mentions, organic search, etc) and created a big matrix with all analysis from the brands to the competitors.

With that, I could think and develop the demand idea (it’s secret yet). And then I created the Customer Journey, based on their habits of navigation. Doing that, I could creat also the media plan.

The next step is the budget. I have to precify all the plan.

Working on that now! If we win this pitch, I will give more details

see ya folks



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