Belief is the psychological state in which an individual is convinced of the truthproposition. Like the related concepts truth, knowledge, and wisdom, there is no precise definition of belief on which scholars agree, but rather numerous theories and continued debate about the nature of belief. (from wikipedia)

What makes you stay? What makes you do it?
Belief does.

there’s somethings unexplainables, and trusts and feelings that release your breath everyday.

Do  you still believe in saving the world? Do you still fight for it? have you ever fight for it? Or do you hide behind a computer? So, why are you still here?


that’s why the biggest leader in the universe was/are Jesus Christ. Did He had power? money? He only had leadership, not to order, but to serve. To serve and to make you believe. Faith.

Make your day, create, defend, order, challange.. but do never stop believing. Believe in everything you do, you plan, you are.

Some must see in order to believe. If you could see or touch your faith it wouldn’t be faith. The most beautiful things in the world can’t be explained…. if you try, you are challanging your beliefs… if you do that, you stop using your emotions, your feelings.. and you die. Your soul dies.

Try using this in your day-by-day, keep strong, and keep doing the best of you.


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