Planning Blogs

data source: plannersphere

25 letters in the alphabet by Nick Emmel
A Closet by Oakie
Adlads by Anton and Sam
adliterate by Richard Huntington
Adspace Pioneer by Julian Cole
adstructure by Daniel Mejia
Adtishoo by adtishoo
Ageoldadage by Greg Fuller
(almost) always thinking by Gemma
An Enquiry Of Planners by Singapore
Another Planning Blog by Simon Law
basic human truths + creativity by Janine Ramlochan
before and after science by DiegoLuque (bilingual blog)
beeker ideas by beeker
Blurb by Luca Vergano
Brand DNA by Stan Lee
BrandJazz by Ramon Olle & Jordi Vilagut
Brand New by Gareth Kay
Brand Seeks Idea by Ian M by Kevin Sugrue
Brand Tarot by John Grant
Brands Create Customers by Brian Phipps
BrandsIMO by Adam
Brand Tacticians by Brian Millar
breaking & entering by Lauren
Cafeína by Lowe Brasil
Channel8000 – a planning blog by Pernille Fruensgaard
Chocolate4thinking by Luis Martínez+Edu Vidal+Rosa Romá+Mireia Martín
Chroma by Dino Demopoulos
creativepersonalbrands by Jürgen Salenbacher
Confessions of a Wannabe Ad Man by William Humphrey
Common Sense and Bravery by Fredrik Sarnblad
Craphammer by Sean Howard
cubemate by Dan Ng
Cultural Cartography by Max Leefe
Diablogue by Michelle Lee & Sean Ganann
Diginative by Fran Hazeldine
doublebblog by Valerio Franco & Mr White
Douglas Planner by Douglas Gregorio Senior Planner
DR | ADV (Direct Response Advertising – by Wim Andréa)
Everything Communicates by Tiffany
Experience Planner by Scott Weisbrod
Fallon Planning Blog by Fallon Minneapolis Planning Dept
Final Burp by Stefano Augello
FinkThink by FiNK
Flußaufwärts by Tim Keil
Fruits of imagination (Leo Burnett Toronto) by Jason Oke
Hee-Haw Marketing by Paul McEnany
Herd by Mark Earls
Hobart65 by Mike Williams
Holycow by Mark Hancock
House of Naked by Naked New York
i-boy :: Postcards from the Blogosphere by George Nimeh
I’m with The Brand by Zach Graham
Interactive Marketing Trends by Giles
IF! from PSFK
IndiAdRant by Manish
IPA Strategy Group
Kirsty Burst
& The View From Your Window by Kirsty Hobbs
Lellandia by Aperegina
Lifefilter by Ross Cidlowski
Life Moves Pretty Fast by Amelia Torode
Living Brands by Jon Howard
maker by Jeremy Tai Abbett
Make Marketing History by John Dodds
Marketallica by Ozgur Alaz
Marketing Best by Fernando Migrone
Marktd from PSFK
Meme Huffer by Jason Lonsdale
MediaBlog by Daria Radota Rasmussen
MisEntropy by blaiq
my-tube by Rey
Net-Notes by Maurice Van De Ven
No Man’s Blog by Asi
Organic Frog by Froggy
Only Dead Fish by neilperkin
[ paul isakson ] by Paul
Perspectives by the strategic planning group at PHD US
Plannerliness by Josh and John
Planning for Fun by Graeme Douglas
Planning from the Outside by Mark Lewis
Planning on Subversion by Speed
Planning-Shlanning by Sudarshan
Play Ad by Manu
The Purple List from PSFK
PSFK by Piers Fawkes plus gang
Punk Planning by Charles Edward Frith
radio clash blog by Karim Mélaouah
Right-Half Chow by Yves Van Landeghem
Robert’s Playground by Robert Essenstam
Rock’n’roll & advertising by Casper Willer
sinSign[dot com] by Camilo La Cruz – lowbrow semiotics
Spinning Around by James Gordon-MacIntosh
Talent Imitates, Genius Steals by Faris
The Adnostic by Lauren Isaacson
The Planning Lab by Leon
thingsdonotchangewechange by MikeJ
thinking to plan, planning to think – By Baba – a planning site for J town planners
Through The Looking Glass by Oliver Luard
Tom and Steph’s Office by Tom and Steph
The OneBrandBlog by Rodney Tanner
influx insights by ed cotton
Northern Planner by Andrew Hovells
Nil Desperandum by Ed Tam
Un plan brillante by Aleix Gabarre from JWT Barcelona
unplanned – a pandora’s box for planners by blaiq
Vincent Thome by Vincent
Viva La Revolucion by the minds at StrawberryFrog
What’s inspiring about that?
by Errol Flanagan at Euro RSCG Australia
whizdumb by Sean Miller
Who am I to say? by Rye
Wordsmith by Jeff Paiva
Work hard + be nice to people by graham
Yet Another Planning Blog by Robin Jaffray
Yellowing by AZK Komunikazioa team
Zeroinfluence by Zeroinfluencer


One thought on “Planning Blogs

  1. Dino says:

    thanks a lot for adding chroma to this list 🙂

    if possible can you please change the url to, since doesn’t work 😦

    thank you!

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